Image from Service Manual and 12 Concepts for World Service, page 3. © 2021 AAWS. Inc.

This year’s General Service Conference agenda items and related background materials were emailed to your home group’s GSR (General Service Representative) in mid February. You can get those background materials from your GSR or your district’s DCM.

See the Event Calendar for more details on individual Area Committee meetings on agenda items (on Zoom) and on the Pre GSC Workshop on Saturday, April 2.

The General Service Conference was held April 24-30.

The results of the conference can be found here:

Our Area 21 Delegate will be holding a series of Zoom meetings (each about 90 minutes) to go over the results of the conference in depth. At these meetings, you can ask him questions about the conference.

Touchtone phone: call 1-312-626-6799 and enter Meeting ID & Passcode

If you have Zoom installed on your device enter the meeting ID and Passcode.

June 6th 6:30PM (Monday) Meeting ID 862 1029 7701/ Passcode 800270

June 12th 5pm (Sunday), Meeting ID 853 4920 3041/Passcode 834215

June 14th 5PM (Tuesday), Meeting ID 889 8055 0058/ Passcode 013528 – need to change on zoom

June 23rd 7pm (Thursday), Meeting ID 822 7065 6169/Passcode 015035

June 25th 10am (Saturday), Meeting ID 821 4968 3263/Passcode 410628

For more information email the Area 21 Delegate at: